“What, laying down, and nibbling on pocky?” Kikuo retorted with a soft scoff, noticing that more of his emotions were showing than he liked. He then took in a deep breath, and exhaled. “…. No, no I’m not..” he said with a small frown..

The kitten sniffed at the air, smelling the pocky. It took a step closer to him, eyeing him suspciously. “I meant the rock.” She said, smiling softly at the kitten. “And… Yeah, there’s obviously something bugging you.”

Kikuo placed another piece of pocky in his mouth. “Not like it matters, anyways..” he said, closing his crimson eyes. The dirt was ruining his newly cleaned white uniform, but like he cared.. “It’s just relationship issues.. I was rejected, but oh well..” he said with a small sigh.